A vision mouse from Rzeszow University of Technology will help the paralyzed

BlinkMouse is a solution developed by Dr. Ing. Joanna Marnik of the Rzeszow University of Technology, which can help paralyzed people contact the world. To use it, you only need to blink your eyelids.

The invention developed by Dr. Ing. Joanna Marnik from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Rzeszow University of Technology won first place in the poll „Focus Lenses 2017” in the IT innovation category and second place in the overall poll. Earlier, Marnik received a silver medal from the International Trade Fair for her applicationoat the INTARG Economic and Scientific Innovation Research Group (Krakow 2015).

BlinkMouse can pomoc in computer use such as those with locked-in syndrome, ktore can only blink their eyelids. – Such people are usually chained to their lothat are in homes, are not met on the streets, so it seems to the average person that there are few of them. I believe that even if only a few people will use my appob, it was still worth creating – emphasized Joanna Marnik quoted by the Rzeszow University of Technology website.

With BlinkMouse, paralyzed people can use a computer. The application, combined with an on-screen keyboard, allows people who are completely paralyzed in terms of movement to communicate with the environment. It is also possible to use the Internet, which improves the quality of life for such individualsob.

– Hopefully, with the victory, information about the BlinkMouse application will reach a larger group of potential usersow. Products serving people with disabilities, and there are many of them being developed at Rzeszow University of Technology, certainly show our university as a socially responsible company, which is very beneficial these days – Marnik added.

The basic version of the application can be downloaded free of charge from the pages of the Rzeszow University of Technology. The full version of the app is distributed by the BRUNOi Association for Children with Developmental Dysfunctions and costs about 100 zloty. A webcam is required for BlinkMouse to work.

Alternative operation of a computer mouse is not a new development. However, Dr. Marnik’s application wyrohe simplicity of operation. It is an indispensable application for osob, whichore due to their disabilities are cut off from the world. It can also pomoc people after strokes or strokes.