Bones of an ancient mammal were discovered during the construction of the Warsaw subway system

During work on the construction of the second subway line in Warsaw, workers made a surprising find. They have come across the bones of a prehistoric mammal that may have lived in the area of today’s Warsaw even more than 100,000 years ago. Experts estimated that the remains probably belonged to a mammoth or an ancient forest elephant.

During construction work at the C08 Plocka subway station in Wola, workers came across the bones of a prehistoric mammal. Alarmed by the find, specialists from the State Archeological Museum, whichowho are overseeing the construction of the second line of Warsaw’s subway system. Work was halted for further searches of the bone discovery site.

Employees of the State Archeological Museum estimate the age of the find to be as much as 100-120,000 years old. The remains were found at a depth of six metersow during work on the construction of the station’s ventilator room.

According to preliminary estimatesoin the animal measured up to 4.5 meters and weighed up to 7 tons of. According to researchers, 100-120 thousand years ago there was a lake in the area of the current site. Scientists have even hypothesized that the individual, to which theorego belongs to the bones found, walked on the ice, but the ice did not last. This is how he ended hisoj life.

Specialists excavated and cleaned the found bones. They will be subjected to particularoThe analysis to determine the exact species of the animal and the circumstances of its death. The remains probably belong to a mammoth or forest elephant.

Mammoth remains have repeatedly been found in Polandow. The largest accumulation of them was encountered in 1967 on the wzgothrow St. Bronislawa in Cracow. The bones of 86 individuals were found thereow. Their age is 23-24 thousand. years. RoA particularly large concentration was found in the Pyskowice area of Silesia. This is where the mammoth skeleton on display at the Geological Museum of the National Geological Institute in Warsaw comes from. But it is also not the first such finding in the area of the metro station under construction.

SourceoSource: Warsaw Metro/Facebook, photo, Ingolf/Flickr/ CC BY-SA 2.0