Success of students from the Technical University of Lodz at the robotics competition in Spain

The Raptors team from the Technical University of Lodz has just returned from the 2019 European Robotic League Emergency competition in Spain, where they won the statuette for best pilot and stood on the second step of the podium of the main competition.

This is another major success of the roboticsow from the Lodzka in the last pohe year – previously took second place in the European Rover Challenge and second place at the World Robot Summit in Japan.

– Participation in the competition was perfectly in line with our team’s long-term plan to develop and implement a system ofoin wsporobot cooperationoin land-flying. The issue is very challenging and complex, but there is a very large development and market potential in this area. During the competition, we tested several new functionalities of the robotoin andohe collaboration between the two. Preliminary results of the testow are very promising. We can see the progress of our work, and it should be noted that only some of the new components were tested during the competitionoin and subsystemoin the robot, whichore constantly being improved – mowi Matthew Kujawinski, a doctoral student in the WEEIA department and manager of the. team development.

ERL Emergency competition is related to the idea of using robotsoin rescue operations, with particularolnym consideration of wspoThe robots working togetheroin land and flying. The Raptors team had four approaches to complete the task of finding damage to the building and locating a man lost in a simulated disaster environment. The average of four runs was taken for the final scoreow. The task had to be done in part in a wayob autonomous. In addition, in the case of droneow were checking collision avoidance systems.

– We are pleased with the result obtained, especiallyoln view of the fact that the competition took place during the exam session at the Technical University and many osob key in the team could not go to the competition. I am glad roalso that the new members found their way in the competitive environment and were an excellent complement to the veteransoIn our team. The reality of the competition significantly roare different from laboratory ones, in whichor which we work on a daily basis – you often have to be incredibly creative to solve the problem you encounter. The newcomers did not disappoint roalso in this regard – mowi Lukasz Kedzierski, leader of the Raptors team.

The team wrohas already arrived in Poland and unpacked a shipping crate of robots and tools. After krotkim rest teamsol is back at work preparing for the next competition held in three months in the United States.