Synthetic alcohol that doesn’t cause a hangover could hit stores in as little as five years

Artificial alcohol, which does not cause unpleasant consequences for the next day, was already heard about a few years ago. Now its creator argues that it could be on the market in as little as five years.

Hangover can wkrotce become a thing of the past. Alcarelle, for this is the name of the alcohol substitute, is the work of Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London. It does not cause dry mouth or nausea while retaining those more desirable effects of its consumption. On top of that, there is no trace of it the next day. It also cannot be overdosed.

Non-cat alcohol stimulates these regions of the mozgu, whichore responsible for good nastroj. Instead, it does not affect areas associated with mood swingsow or addiction. It’s also designed to be easily removed from the body.

Alcarelle’s story begins in 1983, when Nutt, still a student, was working on obtaining an antidote to the effects of alcohol. He was the first toory has proven that alcohol affects mozg by stimulating receptorsoin GABA, thereby slowing down neurons. GABA receptors that play an important role in the functioning of the nervous system.

In tests on rodents, the scientist gave them alcohol and a chemical substance thatora blocks GABA receptors. In this wayob was able to sober up drunken rats. However, as he himself admitted in an interview with „The Guardian”, The antidote he developed was too dangerous for humans. Its accidental or intentional consumption while sober caused epileptic seizures. However, this research made Nutt realize that stimulating receptorsoin GABA is the way to develop alcohol, whichory will not cause the effects ofoin the side.

Nutt is known for his rather controversial viewsow. Alcohol’s effects on human health have been involved in almost his entire scientific career. Its public pronouncements that alcohol is more dangerous to society than heroin or cocaine caused an uproar in the UK. In his someorych columns could read that ecstasy consumption is safer than horseback riding. He wrote that the drug has one adverse effect for every 10,000. caseow. When it comes to riding, one adverse effect occurs for every 350 cases ofow. Anyway, he has repeatedly commented on the exaggeration of the negative effects of theoin someorych drugow for which he was removed from the Advisory Commission on Drug Abuse. Drug AbuseoThe research is carried out by the British government’s.

– The industry knows that alcohol is a toxic substance. If it were discovered today, it would be illegal as a foodstuff. The safe limit of alcohol, if you use the criteria standardoin food, would be one glass of wine a year – said in an interview „The Guardian”. But this does not mean that he himself is against alcohol. Along with his coThe beast is a commonohe owner of one of London’s wineries.

– For most of my professional life, I have treated people for whomorych alcohol is a problem. Much of my professional research addresses this, but I am not against alcohol myself, although it would be nice to have an alternative – admitted Nutt.

Through years of research, Nutt discovered that in roThe researchers also found that in some parts of the mozgu there are 15 subtypesoin the receptoroin GABA. Alcohol is linked to everyone, but someore of them induce a state of raucousness, and others are responsible for the negative effects of alcohol consumption. It is possible to develop such alcohol, whichory will rozrochewed the receptors and acted the way the designer wants it to. It is possible to modify the wayob, in which a molecule binds to a receptor to induce rotangible effects, though to create a business drink thatory does not deprive you of your ability to think logically even after a few glasses or a party drink on a so-called “party drink. reset, after whichorym there will be no hangover.