Wroclaw will use satellite data from SatRevolution to fight smog

Developing and implementing a smart city strategy – this is the goal of the economic cooperation established between the City of Wroclaw, the Institute for Territorial Development, the Lower Silesian Agency for Economic Cooperation and the Polish company SatRevolution. With groundbreaking initiative, Wroclaw will use satellite data and information from ground sensors m.In. to fight smog and to monitor transportation in the city.

Spol SatRevolution has applied for radio rights for REC, the first satellite constellation to enable real-time imaging of the Earth. Images from orbiting nanosatellitesow wants to use m.in. City of Wroclaw. This will be the first step towards the implementation of the smart city concept, i.e. the use of intelligent systemsoThe signing of a letter of intent on such a project for city management, spatial development and environmental monitoring. The deployment of advanced technologies will increase the efficiency of the city’s infrastructure and bring the city closer to the goal of theoin the zrosustainable development.

As a result of the project, Wroclaw and the entire Lower Silesia region will become pioneers implementing innovative solutions in the field:

  • air pollution analysis and smog detection,
  • increasing energy efficiency,
  • of cyclic monitoring of spatial changes and their impact on the environment,
  • green space management,
  • landscape policy and zronsustainable development.

– The signing of a letter of intent on such a supportoThe cooperation is a huge challenge for usoThe fact thatore confirms that our constellation of nanosatellitesow is an essential tool for the smooth functioning of cities and their development. Satellite imagery is already being used around the world to monitor traffic congestion or to track air quality – a matter crucial to the health and comfort of residentsow. Wroclaw has always been a city with a vision, ktore not afraid to invest in groundbreaking solutions. This coohe book is the beginning of another promising chapter, called „smart-Broclaw”. We are pleased that our technologies will be a part of it – tells Grzegorz Zwolinski, CEO of SatRevolution.

– There are at least two aspects for whichorich is worth supporting this unique project. The first – innovation is the flywheel of the economy. Second – If this project can be developed and the satellite hovers over our heads, local governments will be able to efficiently, accurately and cheaply solve rosible problems in the urban space. This project was created in Wroclaw because Wroclaw is the capital of Polish innovation. I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed that it will work out – notes Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw Adam Zawada.

The signing ceremony of the letter of intent took place at the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, Poland, as part of the NASA exhibition – Space Adventure.

Interest in SatRevolution’s solution has been expressed by roUNITAR – UN Institute for Research and Training. He plans to use data from the REC constellation in his UNOSAT program, which supports humanitarian, security and territorial development planning activities.